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Love it!! So comfy!

UPDATE: Still loving it. My baby seems to sleep wayyyy better at night now compared to how she was sleeping before. She used to have those ugly plastic covered mattresses you buy at target. I used to feel so bad putting her to sleep on those every night because they looked so uncomfortable and I use to think how I would hate sleeping on a plastic covered bed. And now I feel good putting her down at night knowing her bed feels just as comfy as our tempurpedic. It literally feels just as comfy when I feel this mattress. It feels nice to put my baby down in it knowing she has a good mattress that she sleeps great in. She’s still sleeping on the more firm side since she’s not 1 yet. But she loves the firm side! We haven’t had any issues with it at all. Still as great as day 1. No weird smells. The mattress hasn’t sagged at all. If you’re looking for a good comfy mattress for your baby get this one! You won’t regret it. Also, just to add, I’m not a paid reviewer. This isn’t a paid review. I’m a real mom who bought this for her baby with my own money. I just love when moms leave good reviews on baby items on amazon because it helps me tremendously when trying to decide what item to get, so I like to leave good ones for mommas on the look out for similar items. So far we love it! We received it today and I was scared because I read a bunch of reviews saying it didn’t extend properly. I took it out of the box, immediately took off the mattress cover that comes with it and in the first 10 min it was already 80% extended. I just kept smashing it/kinda punching it with my hands and I laid it flat in our back yard. Every 30 ish min I would go over and step on it, flip it, and just smash it with my hands. It’s now been been maybe 3 hours and it’s already fully inflated perfectly! It’s not lop sided, no corners are smashed, nothing. It perfect. One side is softer for older kids and one side is more firm for smaller babies. I have an 8 month old and when I laid her on the firm si

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Happy baby happy home... way more comfy than his old mattress!!

My son had a hand me down mattress and we wanted to get him a newer softer more comfortable one so he’d hopefully sleep in his crib longer and not so much in ours, we are thinking his mattress was too springy for him.... his had springs and made it feel uncomfortable and noisy!! It arrived in a box and vacuum sealed wrapping. I didn’t realize it would be one of those mattresses in a box (my bed was the box type ones and I love it) I opened it and it took about a day to fluff fully! Once fully inflated I laid on it to see if it was comfortable and it is. Feels so much better without all those springs..!! I don’t feel or hear any noisy springs like I could with his other one. The mattress feels even and I don’t feel any lumps or flaws!! His standard size crib sheet fit just like it did his other mattress, so sizing is accurate. I also use a separate padded waterproof liner under his sheet so now it’s extra comfortable! It fit in his crib fine! No problems there! We’ll also be using this once he gets a toddler bed too! The Quality is nice, not too heavy, made with nice soft materials and clean fabrics... looks kinda like it’s a thin breathable material on outer side of mattress not those thick plastic vinyl feeling noisy ones! Seams and edges are well done... looks durable and my guess is it’ll last through out his toddler years! The Price was reasonably comparable, we didn’t want to go too cheap and get something like we had already so we found one in between our price range and we are satisfied with what we got!! Finally got my little man a comfy mattress poor guy hated his crib... at least he’s sleeping in it at night now (2 weeks so far yay) so it must’ve been his prior junk mattress!!

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happy adults because the baby sleeps

I needed a toddler mattress for my baby to switch over to and this one did the job just great. I figured my baby stopped liking the original infant crib mattress that’s why he didn’t like sleeping in it and would rather sleep with us. I didn’t want to give up and try something new and different. One side is plush and soft while the other is on the hard side for infants. It’s not one of those now you are sinking type of plush. Of course with a fully grown person might feel it to be too soft but that’s not the case with toddlers. My baby has been sleeping for 6-7 hours straight for the past week and aren’t we relieved. I wish they made mattresses like this for adults to take the guessing game out. The cover is waterproof and made with organic cotton. This mattress has all the qualities of a good crib mattress and hopefully we can use the infant side for the next one. The mattress took about 40 hours to come to full height. I didn’t put it in the crib until it was completely uncompressed. So far I am satisfied with the mattress and if I spoke baby language I am sure my kid would have said the same thing. I can only gauge it from my child’s sleeping behavior how good the mattress is. I feel like it’s the first time in a few months that I have also slept 6-7 hours in a row. I already recommended this mattress to my friends and family. I am so glad I spent the money because it was well worth it.

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About Dourxi

This Dourxi baby mattress is made from organic cotton, which is surely free of toxins and harmful chemicals, would take good care of your baby delicate skin by sufficiently reduces the risk of suffocation, allergens, overheating, bacteria growth.


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